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COVID 19 Opperational Changes

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Dear Esteemed Customers,

As Parson Air terminal Transportation Dark Vehicle Administrations gets ready for the re-opening of the City of Toronto and Ontario, we needed to refresh our customers on what we are doing to forestall the Coronavirus disease from spreading further, helping with straightening the bend and getting us all in the long run back to our ordinary everyday lives.

Pearson Ariport Transportation Dark Vehicle Limousine is just getting started and accessible for your voyaging needs as they securely will be restored and different prerequisites, from package pickup and conveyance to outings to the specialists or workplaces, and numerous others.

We have rolled out a couple of improvements to our tasks to guarantee the security of both you, our visitor, and the drivers that all while giving a smooth and excellent help.

All drivers are needed to wear veil and gloves.

All travelers are needed to wear a veil and utilize the accessible hand sanitizer inside, when you enter the vehicle. Travelers will be needed to wear a cover consistently while inside the vehicle. On the off chance that a traveler doesn't have a cover, one might be given by the driver.

We should guarantee the security of our drivers and travelers consistently, and the veils help diminish germs being spread all through the vehicle.

The accompanying vehicle limit rules will be executed for social removing, until additional notification:

Car (4 seats) – up to two (2) individuals per family unit as it were.

SUV (6 seats) – up to five (5) individuals per family unit as it were.

VAN (14 seats) – up to ten (10) individuals per family as it were.

Transport (24 seats) – up to fifteen (15) individuals per family as it were.

  • Our drivers are told to utilize veils just as gloves to deal with the gear and open entryways so that traveler's contact with surfaces are kept to a base.

  • Sniffle monitors are introduced in a portion of the vehicles for additional assurance for both the drivers and travelers.

  • An intensive cleaning of every vehicle's inside surfaces with endorsed disinfectant wipes is directed after each ride.

  • In spite of the fact that the air is being brought from an external perspective and sifted, a Sanitizer is applied day by day to the vehicle's air vents to clean the air being coursed inside the vehicle and to aid the disposal of any germs and microbes.

Moreover, we have educated all drivers to look for clinical consideration promptly in the event that they feel unwell and we won't permit debilitated drivers to report for work under any conditions.

You may see some extra changes to your customary assistance because of these precautionary measures, for example, the suspension of sweets, mints, water or drink contributions, and t

he restricting of all actual material sharing among travelers and drivers at every possible opportunity.

**Please note that during this time, the drivers, for their security, may be taking care of huge bags/gear whenever regarded important or help is required. Totes, PC packs, portable items and so forth, will be dealt with by the passenger.**

We anticipate seeing the entirety of our customers healthy and out of seclusion, and we are likewise grateful for everybody's collaboration during this staged re-opening of Toronto and Ontario.

Your arr

angement is enormously refreshing, and we are committed to proceeding to give you the most elevated level of administration that you have generally expected.

We wish you the best of wellbeing and anticipate serving you again soon!

The wellbeing and security of our travelers, accomplices and workers is, and will consistently be, our first concern.

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